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The Running Kilt is similar in design to regular running shorts, but with no fabric between your legs to get in the way. The Running Kilt is basically a running skirt, but designed specifically for men - although anyone can wear one!

And since they have no liner, you can change into your Running Kilt anywhere! No more changing in the back seat of your car, or with a towel or shirt wrapped around your waist.

But don't take my word for it, read what our customers say!

"I've just posted a review of my new RunningKilt on my blog. You can access the review page directly at:


As you'll see in the review, I'm very pleased with the kilt. I hope the weather warms up enough soon that I can run outside in it.

Alan Thwaits

"Scott - After running my first half marathon in my new kilt I have to admit that I enjoyed the freedom, circulation and no wedgies provided by your kilt design. My concerns about being noticed in a kilt where squashed because no one even noticed not even my friends until I pointed it out. I did make one observation that I hope you consider changing and that is the size of the hidden pocket. Although the pocket is big enough for my car key and key fob I wish it was big enough for my hotel room key instead. Nevertheless I am completedly converted and plan to run all my future races in my new kilt."  Mr. L, Culver City, CA

"Scott, You wanted to know how the large fit me, with a 33" waist.  It fits perfect.  I wanted to wait until I wore it a couple of times before writing back to you. I ordered it, after looking at it for months for one main reason.  I have a 4 day charity cycling event next weekend.  I primarily wanted it to be able to change into and out of my bike shorts discretely even if in public.  I also wanted to try running in them as I am also a runner.  I first tried them the other day on a three mile run.  I liked the cool feeling, but was afraid as it was a little windy that they would blow up and expose me as I was "commando" underneath.  Fortunately, it didn't happen.  I tried running in them again today, 5 miles.  Again I was afraid of being exposed, but it didn't happen.  The kilt is just long enough to get by running, but forget about sitting down in them unless you're wearing something underneath or don't mind "hanging out". All in all I'm satisfied.  I wish you and your business well."  Mr. R, Royalston, MA

"Scott - Wow...what a great investment.  It's one of the most comfortable garments I own.  Glad I found your site and made the purchase.  Wish you had other colors available.  I know you have patterns, but frankly, I'm all thumbs when it comes to trying to sew."  Mr. L, Kingston, WA.

"As you suggested, thought I'd pass along some feedback on my new running
kilt. I've worn it several times now on runs (including a 10K race here
in Portland yesterday) and really like it! Gotten lots of
looks/positive comments, and several guys were asking me about it after
the race, so I told them to check out your website.

Sure, some people will argue it's not a true kilt without pleats, but I
like the styling (although I wouldn't mind one that's maybe another 1-2
inches longer). Also, have you considered making one out of a
technical/drifit material? I think some guys might prefer that over

Anyway, thanks for the great product and quick service - I wish I had
picked one up years ago! - Mr. W, Portland, OR

"I received my Running Kilt a couple of weeks ago and I really like it. It is very light and you hardly know you've got it on. The colour is also just what I wanted, so thanks for doing such a good job! I'll know where to go in the future if I need another one." - Mrs. B., UK

"I've enjoyed my Running Kilt in the hot and humid midwestern summer last year and hope to summon the courage to wear it with the local running club this year. I do not follow your advice of wearing anything under it, since that would both defeat the main benefit of the garment and, as any true Scot will tell you: "Nothing is worn under the kilt, everything under there is in fine working order!" - Mr. O, Chicago, IL

"When you wear a Running Kilt, you don't realize it's a kilt. It feels like running shorts, minus the chafing." - Mr. M, San Diego, CA

"I find Running Kilts very comfortable - no shorts riding up between your legs and the fact that there's no shorts makes your legs "feel free". Stretching in the Running Kilt is a problem, but I stretch in running shorts, and change into my Running Kilt before I run." - Mrs. P, San Diego, CA

"My son's Running Kilt arrived yesterday - he loves it!" - Mr. D, Mobile, AL

"I don't get much chafing, so I only run in the Running Kilt when it makes it to the top of the pile. It's about the same as a large pair of shorts, basketball shorts maybe." - Mr. P, Berkeley, CA

"Thanks for making a brilliant piece of clothing.  I went for a run in my Running Kilt in the countryside near my home, and it felt great. It takes getting used to because it is so light, it's almost as if I am not wearing anything, which at first is a little disconcerting." - Mr. B, UK

"It is very unique and I will be doing a review on it for next week's page update. Everyone I show it to is VERY impressed. You have a winner." - Mr. W, www.running.about.com

"My Running Kilt arrived yesterday. It's great. Wish they would have been available twenty years ago." - Mr. M, South Korea

"My Running Kilt looks great! I can't wait to take it into action. The scotty dog is really cute too!" - Mrs. M, San Francisco, CA

"The Running Kilt is great. I would like (the two additional ones I ordered) the same size as the first." - Mr. S, Tampa, FL

"I love my running kilt. It fits nicely, though next time I'll order one a little longer. The loop is perfect. Next time, I'd sew a runningkilts.com logo on the back, too. In fact, if you have an extra, I'll sew it on for this race -- there will be hundreds staring for hours at the back of me, ha ha. Scott, thanks again, you went the extra mile for me in getting this together. I'll go an extra mile for you to promote it, Thx"
"Dear Scott,  Thanks millions for the running kilt. It worked out perfectly (in a 50 mile race). I loved it. I think I will order more, but will ask you put "running kilts.com" on the back, too. (lots of folks asked about it!)
- Mrs. P, Cincinnati, OH

"Hi Scott, I received my Running Kilt Friday September 27th and I like it. You really did a good job. I immediatly wore it ("freeballing"!) to hike on Saturday : it's great to stride along, to jump over any obstacle or to go climbing without any tight cloth on one's thighs. My legs "feel free".
Yours sincerely, - Mr. R, Paris, France

"It's Great! I've only gone out in public once so far with it on, and I got a few strange looks from the public, so it is worth it. Many thanks, we (our high school XC team) may order some more items from you in the future!" - Mr. L., UK